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October 9, 2018

Hey hashers, GREAT NEWS!

Our final remaining cabins will be available for booking when we re-open registration on Sunday, October 14, 2018. You really don’t want to miss this boat, and now you don’t have to! These cabins will go fast, so be ready when the clock strikes 4:00 pm central / 5:00 pm eastern (okay, you figure it out from there) on October 14th. A link to rego will appear here in the main menu.

The prices have not changed since day one:

Oceanview (window or porthole) = $869 per person double occupancy / $1421 single occupancy
Inside = $799 per person double occupancy / $1281 single occupancy

You can book now as a single and add a second person to your cabin for $317. The cutoff for adding a cabinmate will happen a couple of months before sailing.

Full payment is now due upon booking, but we know that will blow a hole in your beer fund, so we are giving you the option of a payment plan. You can lock down your cabin with a $300 deposit and it’s yours as long as you have it paid IN FULL by December 28. You can make payments whenever you like so you do the math (yes, math IS hard) and figure out your own payment plan. Do it sober, because your $300 deposit is non-refundable if your cabin cancels for being unfunded by 12/28. If you have any doubts, we recommend finding a credit card with low or no interest.

Your chance to embark upon what may be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure (what cruise line is crazy enough to let us do THIS again?) happens on October 14!


May 2, 2018 

Well, it has finally happened! The 2019 InterAmericas Hash (a.k.a. The Hash Boat) is officially ready to sail! That’s right, folks, we have SIGNED THE CONTRACT, and, man, what a ride it has been. We started negotiating with 3 cruise lines. We considered 5 ships. We narrowed it down to 2, and after much debate, selected one.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and their ship, the Grand Celebration, will be our charter for IAH 2019! (And yes, the ship will be HASHERS ONLY!)

Y’all can imagine how happy we are to have the paperwork in place at last, but you have NO idea how happy we are to have this cruise line on-board (heh… ship jokes). They have welcomed us with open arms, not only embracing our half-mind mentality, but also accommodating almost every hashy request we have made. They truly are looking forward to hosting us in October 2019.

If you have been following the Facebook group, you may have seen that MM recently did a “test-drive” of the ship to make sure that it had everything we needed and had promised in our bid for IAH. The team came back in unanimous agreement that it is the perfect ship for 1500+ hashers. More info about the Grand Celebration here.


Negotiations took as long as they did because MM worked relentlessly to secure every (legal!) hashy request. And we think we did a pretty sweet job, too. Included in your cabin/rego price, you get:

  • Open bar featuring 20+ types of canned, bottled, and keg beer, 75+ liquors, 16+ types of wine (including mimosas!), and all the non-alcoholic drinks you can shove down your gullet.
  • Open seating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a midnight buffet that is open until 2:00 am.
  • Bars open until 4:00 am and extended pool / hot tub hours.
  • A clothing-optional deck area WITH a bar.
  • Customized port itinerary to allow optimal island trails.
  • Cool stuff for the Never-Leave-Campers: casino activities, live entertainment, theme parties, deck games…

…and did we mention the all-you-can-drink open bar? 


We will be departing from and returning to West Palm Beach, Florida. This is more like a 4-day cruise “vacation” than a typical IAH event, so you’re going to have more time for sun and fun than ever before! The IAH Planning Committees are starting to work on trails, theme parties, shipboard activities, etc, and will share those details as we get closer to the event. But for now, here’s an outline of the itinerary (subject to change):

Sunday, Oct 13 – Depart West Palm Beach in the evening
Monday, Oct 14 – Trail Day #1 in Nassau
Tuesday, Oct 15 – Trail Day #2 in Nassau
Wednesday, Oct 16 – Shenanigans at Sea
Thursday, Oct 17 – Return to West Palm Beach in the morning


MM has already identified hotels in West Palm Beach that will accommodate the shenanigans leading up to and following IAH, and will be reaching out to airlines to request discount rates. None will contract with us until 12-16 months out, but we are opening those discussions already. We are also starting conversations with kennels (like Okinawa) who have expressed an interest in hosting pre-lube and/or post-lube event(s).


Our original cruise line was Royal Caribbean, but in mid-negotiations with them, they told us that our ship had been moved to their new Cuba itinerary. To charter it, we would need to host IAH in Cuba. MM knew this would mean many of our military hashers wouldn’t be able to attend, so we went in search of a smaller boat to stick to the original plan and ensure a muggle-free event. Given its smaller size, the Grand Celebration has a different inventory of cabins, so we are moving folks around a bit to accommodate the new deck plan layout. If you are one of those who is being reassigned, we will email you individually over the next two weeks to inform you of your options. Because we’re reassigning cabins based on rego date, keep an eye out for an email if you pledged your $300 after Phoenix InterAm.


Mismanagement realizes that paying for a hash event 16+ months in advance is not typical, so if you’ve paid off your cabin already, a big THANK YOU! But if you haven’t, don’t panic; the deadline is July 31, 2018.

Travel Leaders is where you have been sending your hard-earned cash. This is the company through which Babe Thruster (our IAH Co-GM) is handling all the bookings. You’ll continue to use TL when sending payments, so PLEASE DO NOT send money to the cruise line directly. Hashers pay Travel Leaders; Travel Leaders pays the cruise line.

Transparency is a big deal to us, and we realize this is a lot of money, so here’s how your cabin/rego price covers the event:

The amounts below are based on the costs listed on BPCL’s website for a standard 2-night cruise on October 19, 2018, in a mid-range inside cabin. Bear in mind that these costs can fluctuate over the next 18 months as BPCL offers sales, but will not change by much overall. As IAH is a 4-night cruise, we have doubled the relevant costs.

CABIN: $179 per person (2-nt cruise) x 2 = $358 (4-nt cruise)
TAXES: $67.52 (2-nt cruise) x 2 = $135.04 (4-nt cruise)
GRATUITIES: $12.95/day x 4 = $51.82
PORT FEES = $2 (Palm Beach terminal fees)
UNLIMITED BEVERAGE PACKAGE = $231.28 per person (includes gratuities)

Total price to cruise with muggles = $778.12
Total price to cruise with ALL HASHERS = $799.00
Your cost for trails, giveaways, and a once in a lifetime experience = $20.88

Compare this to the average total costs for a typical IAH:

REGO: $169 pp for 3.5 days (Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
HOTEL: $500-$700 (depending on room type, nights stayed, number of roommates)
ADDITIONAL: $100-$200 (extra food, booze, costumes, glitter)
TOTAL: $769-$1,069 per person

Your IAH MM is acutely aware that asking hashers to pay and plan this far out is unusual.  But, when you consider all costs together for a typical past IAH event, you’ll see that IAH 2019 expenses are comparable.


We cannot begin to thank everybody who has supported this crazy idea by pledging early, getting their friends to pledge early, talking up the event, paying for their cabins, or posting to the Facebook group to keep the excitement going! The ball is officially rolling now so we’ll be revising the website regularly with photos, maps, announcements, etc, to keep you posted as we make our way through these next 500+ days of planning.

On-on to the Hash Boat,
IAH Mismanagement