Travel Insurance

a.k.a. Why Hashers Need to Use Protection

How do you protect yourself from shit that happens? By purchasing Trip Protection Insurance!

But is Trip Protection Insurance really worth it? Well, that’s up to you to decide, but to help you do so, here is an overview of what’s covered:

Trip Cancellation – You will be reimbursed for your event cost if you have to cancel for a covered reason. The list is too extensive to go over here (see the policy links below for more detail) but the biggies are sickness, injury, death of a family member, jury duty, bankruptcy of the cruise line, losing your house, losing your job, military service, and in some cases, work-related reasons. It even covers pregnancy, so you don’t get screwed if you get screwed. As we said, the list is long so you’d need to look more carefully at the policy below to get the full coverage details, as well as see what kind of back-up information would be needed to file a claim.

Important! Pre-existing conditions are not covered unless you paid for the insurance at the same time you booked the event.

Trip Interruption / Missed Connection / Travel Delay – Say you make it healthy and happy to October and you head out to the event of a lifetime. Shit can still go wrong. Did you know that sometimes airlines don’t get you to where you want to be when they say they will? It’s true! And nothing sucks like watching your ship pull away from port through the window of your arriving flight. If you purchase Travel Protection Insurance, you will be covered if you have to make alternate arrangements to get to the party in Nassau.

Baggage Delay or Loss – Here’s another travel secret you probably didn’t know: sometimes airlines send you to one place and your bags to another. It’s true! And sometimes that place is luggage heaven. If you have to buy a new wardrobe at Wal-Mart while the airlines keep sending your bags to where you were yesterday, or if you just lose your shit altogether, you’ll have some reimbursement for your new threads if you purchase Travel Protection Insurance.

Medical Coverage – This is a biggie. Due to bad decisions, hard surfaces and gravity, you can actually get injured while attending a hash event. It’s true! And even though you might not feel it when it happens, the financial pain afterwards can hurt like hell. Hospitals, ambulances, and medical treatments on tiny islands are not cheap. And if you have to be medically evacuated by air to a hospital, you could be ordering off the value menu for the rest of your life. But if you purchase Travel Protection Insurance, you’ll get access to PRIMARY medical coverage. That means you can file a claim for medical without first having to run it through your health insurance company. Other plans require your health insurance to cover what it covers and the travel protection catches the rest – not this one.

So, as you can see, using protection is smart. And, in this case, very affordable:

  • Inside or oceanview double occupancy – $58 per hasher
  • Inside or oceanview single occupancy – $93 per hasher

That all said, there is no obligation to purchase any kind of insurance for your trip. IAH MM just wants you to know that you have the option to do so and what that option entails.

For those of you that are interested, the above is just a general overview of the benefits of purchasing Travel Protection Insurance. You really need to review your specific policy for all the details, as coverage and benefits can vary by state insurance laws.

Plan documents to download and print:


  • Every hasher will need to submit their own form.
  • You can purchase the Travel Protection Plan up until the sail date. Obviously, you cannot file a claim for an event that screwed up your trip before the date you bought the insurance, so the time to purchase the protection is NOW so that you can be covered for anything that happens down the road.
  • Remember: pre-existing medical conditions are only covered for those that bought the insurance at the time they booked the cruise.
  • Travel Protection is totally optional but highly encouraged.


  1. Download the relevant Plan Document from the links above.
  2. Read it carefully and direct any questions to Babe at hashboat2019@gmail.com.
  3. Click HERE to purchase your coverage.
    The form says Springdale Travel at the top but don’t be put off. That is the company’s former name.
  4. Input the event cost as your Trip Cost at the top:
  • Inside double occupancy: $799
  • Inside single occupancy: $1,281
  • Oceanview double occupancy: $869
  • Oceanview single occupancy: $1,421
  • Suites: consult your confirmations or contact Babe at hashboat2019@gmail.com
  1. Fill out the form (no “agent ID” needed) and payment information, and you’ll be good to go.

Thank you for considering this peace of mind coverage. Your mismanagement is looking forward to a safe and successful InterAm event!