Trail Sign-Up Email Forthcoming

Shortly you will receive a Sign-Up Email (or series of emails if you have more than one hasher associated with this email address). This Email will come from Rego@robots.hashrego.com and includes your personal, unique link to use if you would like to sign up for trails.

Sign-Up Form

  • The Sign-Up Email link will direct you to HashRego. (Thanks, Gin!)
  • The Sign-Up Form on HashRego offers each hasher the ability to sign up for one trail on Monday and another on Tuesday, until trails fill up.
  • You can follow your link to the Sign-Up Form as soon as you receive it, but sign-up won’t open until 8:00 AM EDT Friday 10/11.
  • If you can’t be online when sign-up starts, forward your Sign-Up Email (or message the link) to a willing wanker to allow them to sign up for you.
  • You can change your trail choices at any point while sign-up is open, but please note that picking a new trail means giving up your prior trail choice.

Reviewing Trail Details

  • Included in the HashRego Sign-Up Form is a link that allows you to review the FINAL details of all trails on offer.
  • These same details will be posted on the IAH website.
  • If you plan to review trail details during the rego period, USE THE HASHREGO LINK. The IAH site will crash if y’all rush to it at once, so err on the side of HashRego while registration is open. #RememberPhoenix 

Wait List & No-Shows

  • Trail spots are non-transferable.
  • We will run an on-the-day wait list for all trails. If you don’t get the trail you want, or want to get on a different trail, show up at the pier at check-in time and we’ll let you in if we have a no-show.
  • If you sign up for a trail but for any reason cannot make it to check-in on time, you cannot give your spot to someone else. Your place will be released to those on the wait list. “District 69 is hungover in her cabin but says I can take her place on the Zippy Trail this morning” ain’t gonna cut it. Neither will, “District 69 is registered for the afternoon Zippy Trail and I am registered for the morning Zippy trail, but we chatted and decided to switch trails”. You rego and show up for THAT trail, or be counted as a no-show.