Hurricane Dorian

Ahoy Cruisers,

This post is bitter-sweet. On one hand, we are excited to set sail with you soon. On the other, we are deeply saddened by the devastation Hurricane Dorian has wreaked across the islands of the Bahamas. With everything going on – and 4 members of MM dealing with the path of Dorian – we wanted to take a moment to answer the questions coming in about the cruise and our hurricane relief efforts.

What does Dorian mean for the cruise?

It’s business as usual. We remain in regular contact with BPCL and Bahamas Tourism Ministry, and both are confident that our event will move forward as planned. BPCL will resume sailing within two weeks once they have updated their itineraries, and BTM welcomes our business in the wake of Dorian.

We’re the Hash! How can we help?

IAH 2019 is partnering with Hope 4 Hope Town (H4HT) to help the people of Hope Town and other smaller islands and cays rebuild in the aftermath.

Why H4HT?

Smaller islands often get lost in the shuffle to rebuild and recover. H4HT is organized by a grassroots group of Broward County businesses that includes the hash-friendly Riverside Market and many hasher citizens. H4HT is currently one of only a handful of charities allowed to bring in goods without VAT or other duties, meaning donations are 100% devoted to direct relief – not overheads. H4HT has created #hashers4hopetown to track our donations, and potentially leverage matching donations. A full account of hash-derived donations will be announced on board the cruise.

(See below for the chance to win awesome hash swag by supporting the cause.)

We’ve seen the news but how bad is it really?

Really bad. A general survey of damages to date has established:
Elbow Cay – 30% of structures demolished. 70% of structures damaged to severely damaged. Most docks destroyed and unusable. 99% of boats sunk.
Man O War Cay – All docks destroyed. 100% of boats sunk. 90% of structures damaged to severely damaged, and 10% destroyed.
Dickies Cay – All docks destroyed. 50% of structures damaged to severely damaged, and 50% destroyed.

How Do We Donate? Where? What?

At this point, especially for those not in the immediate area, money is the best thing to send. Even small amounts are helpful because H4HT has significant purchase power.

Most of the docks and infrastructure for receiving shipments is gone. H4HT has several smaller boats that will shuttle supplies from barges to the islands.

If you work with a major company that wants to send a pallet of diapers, tampons, water, etc, contact Frau Büger directly at melissa.cat.smith@gmail.com and she will get you in touch with the right channels.

How will H4HT track the hash contributions?

H4HT has created #hashers4hopetown to track H3 donations. They’re working on matching donations from ours so when you make your donation, be sure to comment with #hashers4hopetown. H4HT will give a full account of hash-derived donations — and announce the winners of the swag raffle — on board the cruise. That’s something we can all drink to.

I can win swag for donating $80 or more??

Yep! A Kilted Hash is raffling off the chance for THREE generous wanks to win their choice of:

  • A solid base kilt (10 colors to choose from);
  • A solid base kilt (10 colors) with an embroidery IAH patch on front panel; or,
  • A personal single happi coat in cotton twill.

Just DONATE $80 or more tagging #hashers4hopetown and you will be entered into the raffle. Winners will be announced on the boat.

SUPPORT THE CAUSE HERE! And don’t forget to comment with #hashers4hopetown so we can track your donation.

Remember, every bit makes a difference and 100% of your donation goes directly to the relief effort.

That’s all for now, but we will be in touch realllllllllly soon!

Your IAH MisManagement Team