On-Board Activities

As the float date gets near, our IAH Activities Committee has been hard at work making sure you don’t get bored on-board. (Is that even possible?!)

They have a ton of great events planned, some of which need a little preparation. The team wanted to give you a quick heads up, so take a look below and see what you might want to get into. Bear in mind that this is only a selection of all the events taking place. There will be many, many more, me hearties… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  1. Buccaneer Booty Scavenger Hunt
  2. H3 Story Slam
  3. General Skits and Mr./Ms. IAH Sign Ups
  4. Talk Nerdy To Me
  5. Drag Queen Bingo
  6. Hash Song-Off
  7. Tour de Chug
  8. Brother Hasher Memorial Contributions

Feel free to shoot MM an email if you have any cruise-related questions. All event-related questions can be sent to the Activities Committee: activitiesaboard@iah2019.com.

Buccaneer Booty Hunt

Buccaneer Booty Scavenger Hunt is part-trail, part-scavenger-hunt, part-Make-A-Wish-Foundation-fundraiser, and 100% shenanigans!

HOST: PoppyCock H3
COST: $2 per person
MAX: 200 paid hashers
PRIZES: You bet yer booty!

Compete against your fellow shipmates to find dat Hash Boat booty! Prizes include DFL, FBI (Bitch or Bastard), and of course, the Grand Prize: THE CAPTAIN’S BOOTY CHEST!

A portion of your ($2) rego will go towards the prizes, but the majority will be held ransom for the Make A Wish Foundation! Prizes are points-based, because everyone knows finishing fast will get you nothing but a bad reputation.

If we don’t reach capacity by 10 October, there will be on the spot sign-ups at the 1:30 pm Start Circle on our At-Sea Day (Wed, 16 Oct), which is also when the game rules will be shared. The game will conclude at 4:00 pm and our winners named.

  • Pirate costumes encouraged
  • Digital camera or camera phone required
  • Sign up to play or volunteer to help: iah3boatscavengerhunt@gmail.com.

“No sh!t, there I was…”

We know you half-minds are full of unbelievable, hysterical, ridiculous, (unfortunately) true stories, so bring out your best hashy tales for our first ever IAH Storytelling Slam!

HOST: Sharin’ Peter (H5)
COST: None
PRIZES: Best Story; Audience Raffle

“Let’s let the hash decide what’s best!” – No One Ever

Send a brief synopsis to event host and Miss InterAm 2017, Sharin’ Peter, for consideration in the inaugural IAH Storytelling Slam! Each selected storyteller will be given 5-7 minutes in the spotlight to share their best TRUE hash-related tales — from trails to events to on-afters, it’s all eligible if it’s true — and the audience will decide who wins!

Up for grabs? A Kilted-Hasher-made prize and the boasting rights for Best Hash Story — or possibly Dumbest Hasher, depending on the story…

Our lovely host will have a fabulous raffle for the audience as well.

  • To submit your story, email your synopsis to Sharin’ (sharin@sharinpeter.com) before you get on the boat.
  • If you can’t get it together to submit before the boat, or if your story happens between now and the cruise, you can also share your synopsis with Sharin’ in person on the boat. If you can stay sober long enough…

Skits and Mr/Ms IAH

Bring out your skits! Bring out your skits!

COST: Your Dignity
PRIZES: General Skits — see “cost” | Mr/Ms IAH — The Royal Sash for Two Years (and unlimited infamy)
SIGN-UP DEADLINE: 11:59 pm EST, Thur 3 Oct

General skits as well as 2021 Bid Presentations will be on Tuesday night, and the royal pageantry of Mr. and Ms. IAH contestants will be held on Wednesday evening.

GENERAL SKIT: Has your kennel been practicing a number to wow the crowd? Have you written a hash song deserving of an on stage, multi-country audience? Whatever your grouping and whatever your talent we want to see it (unless it is your skin flute). Sign up your General Skit!

MR/MS IAH: Do you embody what it means to be a Hash House Harrier? Do you have an act worth of the title of Mr/Ms IAH for the next two years? Sign up for Mr/Ms IAH!

To read the fine print and sign up for General Skits, Mr/Ms IAH, or both, use THIS FORM.

Talk Nerdy to Me

Do you know a whole lot about something? Anything? The secret behavioral habits of the Lesser-Spotted Goat Hen? Come and share your knowledge with us! All expertise — odd or not — is encouraged.

HOST: IAH 2019
COST: None
SIGN-UP DEADLINE: 11:59 pm EST, Wed 9 Oct

  • Submit an outline for an 8-10-minute presentation before the deadline: nerdtalkh3@gmail.com
  • Slide shows are encouraged, or at least poorly-rendered designs and/or explanations.

Drag Queen Bingo

Feel like you need to be lovingly insulted as you win some money, all while having a ball? Well, aren’t you in luck — and you’ll need it — because we have Drag Queen Bingo!

HOST: Brandi LeCroix
COST: 1 Card = $6 | 3 Cards = $15 | 7 Cards = $25
PRIZES: It’s bingo. You win money!
Purple Vein — that’s Brandi LeCroix to you, mister — will lead us all down the path of fabulousness complete with a healthy dose of shade.

  • Bingo cards will be available for purchase one hour in advance of the event.
  • Cash prize goes to the winner. The more players we have, the bigger the purse prize!

Hashy Song-Off

Have some unique lyrics or new songs to share? Join songmeisters from around the country — and the world — and sing rounds of our favorite bawdy songs. Maybe you’ll even invent some new verses to propagate across the hashiverse.

HOST: IAH 2019
COST: None

  • Will we just sing? Will there be verse lessons (General, General, Specific)?
  • Care for a song-off? Or perhaps a move to the outside deck for seven hours of singing? Your call!
  • Anyone is welcum to attend or just watch.

Tour de Chug

Do you have a Tour de Chug jersey that sitting at the bottom of your hash T-shirt pile? Maybe you’re using it as a cum rag?

Bust that bitch out and see if you can keep your title or send it off to a new, proud owner.

HOST: You!

This event is a non-hosted, free-for-all. Remember, you don’t lose your jersey, just your turn.

Brother Hasher Memorial

We will be honoring the IAH tradition of remembering hashers who have joined Gispert at the final On-In.

The memorial will honor those who have passed since IAH 2017.

HOST: IAH 2019

  • Please CHECK HERE to see if they are already listed for inclusion.
  • If they are not listed, please USE THIS LINK to send us their information, along with a photo that features them prominently.
  • This will be considered a QUIET ZONE at all times. We ask that you be respectful of those who have gone on-up, as well as those who are remembering them.

Right, that’s all for now! Stand by for your next IAH installment!

As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team