Deposits are due by November 30, 2017, with final payment due by April 23, 2018!

(This is Royal Caribbean’s decision, not ours. For more information, please refer to the first two items on the FAQ page.)

Rego will be closed on Nov 30.

After which, we will begin the next step of hashy negotiations with the preferred cruise line. Those booked before November 30 will have access to several upgrades that won’t be available to those who book when we re-open registration later to fill the final cabins.

Hey, wankers. If you don’t complete your form, your rego WILL NOT be processed and you will have to resubmit. DON’T SUBMIT INCOMPLETE FORMS!

First things first…

To the best of our ability, we’ve published as much information on this site as possible. If you have read over the site and still have a question you need answered before pledging, please reach out to mismanagement via the contact form.

Passports are required for ALL passengers. You MUST be 21 years or older before October 2019.

The minimum deposit required to book is $300 per cabin ($150 per person). One person may book a cabin as a single occupancy and a second person can be added at any time. (Upon adding a second person, you can pay the extra $317 for the drink package / taxes, plus any difference for insurance if needed.)

Cabins will be assigned corresponding to the order in which regos are submitted. In other words: if you want a cabin on a higher deck, with a better view — rego NOW! Folks who are late to the party will be assigned cabins lower in the ship and/or with less desirable views. Because of this, we can NOT accommodate requests to have your friends’ cabins located next to yours, nor can we accommodate requests for specific cabin numbers.

Cabins will be restricted to double occupancy. When the ship sells out, we may consider requests to add a third/fourth person. These additions will be limited and we cannot guarantee availability.

Regos are non-refundable but fully transferable. This is because we are trying to book the entire ship. You are welcome to sell your rego, and cabin name changes can be done at no charge up until one month prior to sailing.

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. (No PayPal or Venmo.) One credit card will be used for the deposit. Future payments can be made with any card. (There will be a link on the invoice to allow you to make further payments online at any time.) It may take a while to process all of the pledge bookings, so please allow up to 3 weeks for your card to be charged.

it is VERY important that you follow all these steps to complete your form.

Note from Babe: This rego form kinda sucks, but it’s what we have to work with. It’s not very mobile-friendly so I suggest you wait until you have a tablet or a PC to fill this out. Incomplete forms WILL be rejected. We need to collect ALL of this information.

  1. Select the number of passengers in your cabin. Even if you are planning to add someone later on, select “1 Passenger” and book yourself as a single unless you have all the information from your roommate.
  2. First and last names are required. (Middle name is optional and is not needed by the cruise line.) Your name must match your passport E X A C T L Y. If at any point you get a passport with a different name, please send that name update to us. 
  3. Put your hash name in the NICKNAME field. (30 character limit – make it fit)
  4. Complete the remaining required fields. For the birth date calendar, scroll through the list of years using the tiny + and – signs.
  5. In the COMMENTS/SPECIAL REQUESTS box: Please put your home hash and indicate if you want a cabin that will accommodate 3 or 4 people.

When you pay, you will be given two choices:

  1. Pay only the $300 deposit — put $300 in the AMOUNT AUTHORIZED box. If you want to include insurance, put $386 for single rate (inside or oceanview) or $413 for double occupancy (inside or oceanview).
  2. Pay in full — Select the appropriate amount shown in the PAYMENT BOX to fill in the AMOUNT AUTHORIZED box. There are 4 different amounts to choose from depending on single/double occupancy and with/without insurance.

You can protect yourself should you need to cancel (for a covered reason) and can’t sell your rego. This coverage also kicks in for trip interruption or delay, lost baggage, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation. To have pre-existing conditions covered, you must purchase the insurance at time of booking. This group policy is not available at this time for residents of CT, KS, MN, MO, MT, NY, OR, PA, VT, & WA. If you would like coverage for residents of these states, please leave a note in the “Notes for Babe” text box at the bottom of the rego form for a quote on an individual policy. More information: Travel Group Deluxe Plan

With all that said…


Attention wankers, there are fewer than 10 unobstructed oceanview cabins available! After those are sold, any additional oceanview cabins booked will have partially or mostly obstructed views (by lifeboats, mechanicals, and other unavoidable things of that nature). We need everyone to be aware of this in the event that you are booking this cabin type.