Travel Insurance & Volunteers Needed

It’s getting close now…SO CLOSE!! So close, in fact, that we have a ton of information to share with you.

Over the next few weeks, you will notice an uptick in the number of emails we will be sending out. Please take a careful look at them all as they will be full of really important stuff. I mean, we are talking about international travel, after all!

In this post, we will be discussing:

Travel Protection Insurance;
Travel documents; and

Please take a look at the information below and feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

Travel Insurance — get protected!

IAH Mismanagment STRONGLY encourages you to purchase travel protection. It’s not particularly expensive but covers a number of scenarios that could affect your trip.

Read on for more information but make sure to review your specific policy, as coverages and benefits can vary by state insurance laws.


Trip Cancellation – There are a ton of reasons why a trip could be cancelled but some of the biggies are sickness, injury, death of a family member, jury duty, bankruptcy of the cruise line, losing your house, losing your job, military service, and even some work-related reasons. It even covers pregnancy, so you don’t get screwed if you get screwed.

Trip Interruption / Missed Connection / Travel Delay – If your plane is delayed or detoured, or the train stops, or your car breaks down, Travel Protection Insurance can come to the party to cover alternate arrangements to get you to the party in Nassau.

Baggage Delay or Loss – If the airline sends you to one place and your bags to another, you’ll have access to reimbursement for clothes and toiletries.

Medical Coverage – If you wind up needing a hospital, ambulance, medical evacuation back to the US, or medical treatment in Nassau for any reason, having this extra insurance will get you access to primary coverage so you can file a claim for medical without first having to run it through your normal health insurance company.

There is no obligation to purchase Travel Protection Insurance for your trip – MM loses/benefits nothing from you doing do. We just want you to be informed so you can make the right decision for you.

Inside or Oceanview double occupancy – $58 per hasher
Inside or Oceanview single occupancy – $93 per hasher

Travel Documentation

Do you need a passport? We HIGHLY recommend it!

Identification for all passengers, regardless of whether or not you’re awesome, is required. You will not be allowed to board the ship without the proper identification so please be prepared.

The short answer: You can board the Hash Boat if you choose not to use a passport, or if you’re not a US citizen. Make sure you look at the cruise line’s link HERE to check out what documentation is needed to do so.

That said: Entering or leaving a country from a cruise ship has different rules to entering or leaving a country from an airport. Which isn’t an issue if you enter and leave Nassau on the Hash Boat. But what if something happens? What if for some reason you get left in Nassau or do something hugely stupid and get kicked off the ship? Chances are you’d need to fly back to the States, and for that you’d need a passport.

So while we aren’t planning on anything like that happening (sweet lordy no!), our advice is to go ahead, invest in a passport, and call it a day.

Right now you’ve got 6+ months to prepare for the security check-in process so don’t dilly-dally. Read the relevant material carefully and follow the directions. Read more about customs and the Bahamian government here.

Sober-ish Volunteers Needed

Lots of hashers + lots of beers = help!

It should be no surprise that for a gig this size, we’ll be leaning on our fabulous volunteer committees to help things flow the way they should. And two super-important committees for this event will be the Trail Team and the Rego Group.

If you’re the bestest trail hare on the planet or willing to help herd cats when boarding the ship, please EMAIL US (hashboat2019@gmail.com) to volunteer.

We’ll send your name and contact info to the committee leads and they’ll reach out to you personally. And no, volunteering doesn’t mean you’ll get on board for free, but we will credit the crap out of you and give you a big kiss and a hug for your efforts. Okay, fine. Maybe a surprise along the way too…

Right, that’s all for this week! Stand by for your next IAH installment!

As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team