IAH Waiver & Disembarkation Procedures

Happy Sunday! Time for your daily IAH update…

This email will cover:

  • On-Board Policies
  • IAH Waiver
  • Disembarkation Prodecures

As always, please shoot MM an email if you have an important question.

BPCL Policies

While IAH is chartering the cruise, BPCL still has a series of rules and regulations that we must follow.

Please take a moment to review the Terms & Conditions, Tips Before You Cruise, and FAQ’s posted on their website. Obviously, some items will not apply to our charter (boarding time, cancellations, traveling with minors, etc.) but there is still a ton of info that applies. We trust you to use your noggin to work out which is which.

IAH Waiver

During check-in at the terminal, all hashers will need to sign an IAH Waiver before boarding the boat. Please take a moment to review the form HERE.

Disembarkation Procedures

Hard as it may be to think we are already talking about getting OFF the boat, we need to chat through your disembarkation options before connectivity becomes an issue. And by that we mean neurons firing.

EVERYONE must be off the ship by 10:30 am whether you like it or not. After which the crew will begin preparing for the next cruise. Our IAH beverage package ends when the bars close early on Thursday morning. While bars may be open during disembarkation, payment will be required for ALL DRINKS.


BY GROUP NUMBER: This is a good option for those a little more laid back (hungover), but it requires some planning. On the last day, you will receive luggage tags in your cabin. They will have a number or color associated with them. Place these tags on the bags you want the crew to carry to the terminal for you, and have them out in the hallway by midnight. Don’t wait until 11:59 pm to start packing! And don’t forget to pack what you’ll need for the morning in a carry-off (outfit, passport, toothbrush etc). The crew will take your bags away overnight night and you will be reunited with them in the terminal on Thursday. The next morning, hang out and wait for them to call your number/color. When they do, you can disembark, and your bag will be in an area in the terminal building for you collect. You can disembark before your number is called, but you will have to wait in the terminal until your bags arrive.

FIRST OFF: If you have an early flight or another pressing reason to be first off the ship on Thursday Oct 17, you need to organize this through BPCL. Please go past their Customer Service desk at any point during the cruise and let them know that you need to disembark early. They will instruct you on how to make this happen.

SELF-ASSIST: This is the fastest — and most inconvenient — way to disembark. You will carry your luggage off the ship by yourself. Once the First Off crowd has left, the crew will open up disembarkation for the Self-Assist folks. Pile up your bags into a sturdy structure that won’t tip over (ha ha, it still will) and join the line to disembark.

Unlike beverages, Thursday morning breakfast IS INCLUDED in our package. So if you don’t need to get off the boat early, feel free to grab breakfast at the buffet, and find a good hangout spot to wait for your group to be called.


On your way back to the real world, you will stop and have your passport checked. (Remember your Global Entry cards.) You may be asked about your purchases, as there are limitations to how much you can buy abroad tax-free. Those amounts will be posted with your disembarkation instructions in your cabin.

Right, that’s all for now! Stand by for your next IAH installment!

As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team