Final Call, wanks! InterAM 2019 rego closes tonight!

As announced, registration for IAH will close tonight at midnight (EST). Once we have closed rego’s, we will tally all registrations, review all cruise line quotes, and select THE ship to become The Hash Boat: InterAm 2019, its most noble voyage yet. The ship selection will be based on several criteria, the most important being a vessel that is appropriately sized for the number of wanks signed up at that point. Because, MUGGLE-FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Our primary goal is a hasher-only cruise so we will not be booking a ship with many unsold cabins. With over 600 hashers lurking in the Facebook group alone, we know there are hashers out there who can’t (won’t?) commit at this time. As much as we would love to have you as part of the event, we are not budgeting to cover deposits on additional cabins for late bookings – for obvious reasons. Once a ship has been selected, any remaining cabins will be sold off in early 2018, and anyone registering after that will be waitlisted. (We’re currently at 90% of the smaller – and most likely – choice of vessel.)

So, you know the drill. $300 deposit gets you a cabin that can accommodate 2 people. Final cabin payments are due April 2018. Cabin costs are detailed on this website. Questions can be directed to MM at And if someone has referred you, add their name in the comments section of your form to put them in line to win cool shit.