3rd Roomie Regos Now Open

And what’s a better V-Day gift than that of shared, limited cabin space, amiright?!

For only $499 (Inside) or $569 (Oceanview), you can now add a third hasher to any cabin already at double occupancy. This unique three-way is THE perfect setup for drinking games, sharing outfits, sleep tag, or making sure you’ve always got a minder aboard this floating funfest.

The Third Roomie Rego fee includes all food, unlimited beverage package, trails, IAH give-aways, and access to everything IAH 2019 has to offer. You guys will have to work out how to split the total cost of the cabin on your own, but adding a third hasher saves the original booking duo around $100 each. Your third bed will either be an upper bunk, sofa-bed, or roll-away – depending on your cabin assignment and availability. The cruise line will have your cabin set for three upon your arrival.

How to Get ‘er Done

This process is likely easier done by the new cabin mate, but can be completed by any of your three roommates provided you have the information you need.

See below:

  1. Click on THIS LINK to access the form to use to make changes to your booking.
  2. Complete and submit the form for the third hasher, as you would have done previously to add a second roommate to your cabin. (Ignore the fact that it says “second passenger” on the form.)
  3. On receiving your form, Babe will adjust your reservation and send an updated booking confirmation and invoice to the main cabin-holder. It is the main cabin-holder’s responsibility to share the updated confirmation/invoice with their cabin mates.
  4. Use the link on the confirmation/invoice to pay the Third Roomie Fee (either $499 or 569 depending on your cabin type).
  5. High-five your new cabin mate and work out how to divide up the cabin costs between the three of you.


  • You can only add a third roomie to cabins already at double occupancy. Adding a “third” to a single occupancy cabin will be charged at double-occupancy rates.
  • You have 7 days in which to pay the Third Roomie Fee, after which the third passenger will drop off the booking and it will return to a double cabin with the original occupants.
  • Adding a third roomie will not increase the size of your cabin, storage, or bathroom. Choose wisely.
  • If you already have a cabin but are looking to be someone’s third to save some dolla-dolla, you are still responsible for the sale and transfer of your original cabin. Joining someone else’s cabin won’t result in a refund for your first. It will just make you an IAH property mogul.
  • All suites are double-occupancy only.

Right, make sense?! Awesome! We’ll expect zero questions then.

In the unlikely event of a query, however, feel free to shoot us an email.
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Your IAH MisManagement Team