Questions & Answers

Q. Why are you asking for money so far in advance?
A. We are asking a commercial cruise line to give us a whole ship. They usually require someone to give them a letter of credit that basically says no matter what happens, the cruise line still gets their money. Since none of us knows a person who can front us over a million dollars, we are doing the next best thing and buying out the sailing before it goes public. To do that, we need to collect funds early.

Q. Why are the payment deadlines so soon?
We need to have deposits for each cabin by a certain time so that the cruise line doesn’t open up our sailing dates to the public in order to fill those remaining cabins. We are working on their schedule and it’s outside the realm of our control.

Q. What do we get when we fill a whole ship?
A. In addition to all the standard fun that a cruise offers, we’ll also be able to bring you a few extra hash amenities — beer miles, deck parties, and things that wouldn’t normally be allowed, such as a clothing-optional pool while not in port.

Q. How are trails going to work?
A. Trails will be done during our two days in port. Instead of offering a multitude of different locations, we’re going to have a smaller selection with a variety of start times. More information will be made available as the event gets closer.

Q. Who are you?
A. Our team includes members of Scotch H3 who are (or were) involved in their local kennels as mismanagement, and have helped plan other large events, including Savannah’s IAH in 2011. Babe Thruster is a professional travel agent and has been organizing Babe’s Hash Cruise events since 1995.

Q. Why is it so expensive?
A. It’s actually not! Imagine what you might spend for the average 2-day IAH event — rego, hotel, and extra booze / food. We’re giving you this in one set price. All you have to do is get to the ship. That means for one price you will get a cabin, fully-stocked open bar for 4 whole days, unlimited food 24/7, free entertainment, voyages to two tropical islands, trails, and giveaways. On top of this, your rego price also includes the standard cruise expenses like crew gratuities, taxes, and port fees, so you won’t have to pay them at the end. Our prices are in line with a typical muggle cruise, but WAY more fun!

Q. Why is the single rate slightly less than the double rate?
The beverage package and taxes/fees are built into your rego price, so there is no reason to charge one person twice. That said, if you book a cabin at the single rate and then decide to share it, you will be required to make up the difference.

Q. Can I bring a non-hasher?
A. This is a hasher-only cruise, but we aren’t going to judge who is or isn’t a hasher; our concern is simply making sure everyone has fun. If you have someone who isn’t named but comes to events with you, then they already know what to expect, and will likely have fun. On the other hand — say you want to bring your conservative, non-hashing in-laws or grandparents because they “love cruises”… No. Just no… It won’t be fun for anyone, trust us.

Q. What if there’s a hurricane?!
A. We sail to Rumson! Just kidding; all major cruise lines have contingency plans in place, including issuing full refunds if a cruise is canceled due to weather. Most of the time, a ship can simply change ports and continue on as planned. Our Trails Committee will be working on a backup plan in the event this should occur. A hurricane is definitely a “worst case” scenario, but rest assured, as long as the ship is physically able to sail, we WILL be having an event. If you need extra peace of mind, you may also purchase travel insurance.

Q. October 2019 is a long time from now. What if I rego but then can’t go?
Your spot on the ship is fully transferrable! This means you can sell your rego, and name changes can be done at any time up until a month before sailing.

Q. Can I have more details?
A. Information will be posted here and we will begin sending out emails as the event draws closer. You may also join our Facebook group to get updates. All activities currently outlined here are based on our best efforts to plan 2+ years before the event and are, of course, subject to change.

We will be doing our best to answer more of your questions in the coming months!