Questions & Answers

Rego Questions

Q: What’s the difference between having a cabin and having a rego?
Nothing. They are one in the same. Your rego price is included with the cruise price. If you are in a cabin, you are registered for InterAm.

Q. What if I’ve rego’d but now can’t go?
Regos are non-refundable but fully transferable, which means you can sell your cabin (join our FB group to find hashers looking to buy regos). You have until August 2, 2019, to sell or transfer a cabin or to buy one of the inside cabins still remaining. The cruise line has asked us to guarantee our total guest count by then in order to staff the ship correctly and order our precious alcohol in quantities that won’t leave us thirsty.

Q. How do I find a roommate?
A. We aren’t going to assign roomies to your cabin. We’d probably pick some loser anyway. Join our IAH 2019 Roommate Finder group on Facebook.

Q. I have a cabin, but no roommate, and I can’t swing the full single cabin price by myself. Is this a YBF situation?
A. Absolutely not! You can continue to look for a roommate until August 2nd. We also have a few of the less expensive inside cabins left, so if you’re really in need, you can swap your balcony or oceanview cabin for an inside one and that will help cut your cost immediately. Send that request to us ( if interested.

Q. Do I need a roommate before I make my final payment?
A. No. You can make your complete payment for a single cabin and when you add a roommate, the only additional cost will be $317 to cover their drink package and cruise taxes/fees. You can negotiate between the two of you how you get reimbursed for half the total cost. We won’t judge.

Payment Questions

Q. Where should I make my final payment?
A link to pay online can be found on the statement that was sent to you by Travel Leaders upon booking. If you can’t locate your statement, you may request another copy to be sent to you by sending an email to

Q. Why is the single rate slightly less than the double rate?
The beverage package and taxes/fees are built into your rego price, so there is no reason to charge one person twice. That said, if you book a cabin at the single rate, but decide to add a roommate, those fees will be added. How you divide that expense between you and your roomie is up to you.

Q. If gratuities are already included, will I be expected to tip while on-board?
A. Since you’ve pre-paid the gratuities for all food and beverage services in the bars or restaurants, as well as gratuities for your room stewards, you’re not obligated to pay anything additional. However, if you truly felt like you received amazing service, your cash tips would be more than welcome by the cruise staff. Also, if you’re doing well at the tables in the casino, it is customary to leave a tip for your dealer and/or server.

Q. Why is this so expensive?
A. Great question! Transparency is a big deal to us, and we realize this is a lot of money, so here’s how your cabin/rego price covers the event:

The amounts below are based on the costs listed on BPCL’s website for a standard 2-night cruise on October 19, 2018, in a mid-range inside cabin. Bear in mind that these costs can fluctuate over the next 18 months as BPCL offers sales, but will not change by much overall. As IAH is a 4-night cruise, we have doubled the relevant costs.

CABIN: $179 per person (2-nt cruise) x 2 = $358 (4-nt cruise)
TAXES: $67.52 (2-nt cruise) x 2 = $135.04 (4-nt cruise)
GRATUITIES: $12.95/day x 4 = $51.82
PORT FEES = $2 (Palm Beach terminal fees)
UNLIMITED BEVERAGE PACKAGE = $231.28 per person (includes gratuities)
Total price to cruise with muggles = $778.12
Total price to cruise with ALL HASHERS = $799.00
Your cost for trails, giveaways, and a once in a lifetime experience = $20.88

Event Questions

Q. What do we get with a ship full of hashers?
A. In addition to all the standard fun that a cruise offers, we’ll also be able to bring you a few extra hash amenities — for example: THE most amazing beer mile, a clothing optional deck area, nightly theme parties, and did we mention unlimited open bar for 4 days?!

Q. How are trails going to work?
A. As in past InterAmericas, we’ll use the same trails across 2 days. You’ll sign up for trails and meet on shore to depart for whichever trail you’ve chosen. We still have to follow the cruise line’s departure & re-boarding policies, but you’ll get more info on that as we get closer to the event.

Q. Can I bring a non-hasher?
A. This is a hasher-only cruise, but we aren’t going to judge who is or isn’t a hasher; our concern is simply making sure everyone has fun. If you have someone who isn’t named but comes to events with you, then they already know what to expect, and will likely have fun. On the other hand — you want to bring your conservative, non-hashing in-laws or grandparents because they “love cruises”?… No. It won’t be fun for anyone, trust us.

Q. What if there’s a hurricane?
A. We sail to Rumson! Just kidding; all major cruise lines have contingency plans in place, including issuing full refunds if a cruise is canceled due to weather. Most of the time, a ship can simply change ports and continue on as planned. Our Trails Committee will be working on a backup plan in the event this should occur. A hurricane is definitely a “worst case” scenario, but rest assured, as long as the ship is physically able to sail, we WILL be having an event. If you need extra peace of mind, you may also purchase travel insurance.

Q. Who are you?
A. Babe Thruster is a professional travel agent and has been organizing Babe’s Hash Cruise events since 1995. The rest of the team is made up of a diverse group of passionate hashers who are (or were) involved in their local kennels as mismanagement, have helped plan other large events (including Savannah’s IAH in 2011), and are too foolish to realize what they were signing up for.

Q. I have a question that isn’t answered on this site. What do I do?
A: Email us ( and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.