Ahoy Floating Folks,

As we get information, so we pass it on to you. What follows is what we have just received from the cruise line.

Please shoot MM an email if you have any questions.

As you know, the effects of Dorian are still being felt by the Bahamas, and while the cruise lines are back in much-needed business, Dorian’s impact is still being seen in the scheduling of boats in and out of ports.

As such, the cruise line has changed our Oct 13 departure time by one hour to 4:00 pm to secure an early arrival in Nassau on Monday morning. The captain is concerned that unless we do so, those needing to get off the boat early (day excursions, trail hares) may be negatively impacted.


We had already scheduled cabin check-in and luggage delivery to conclude by 3:00 pm, but gave ourselves an additional one-hour buffer for just-in-casies. We now need to make sure that we have you all checked in AND on board by 3:00 pm. Turns out our just-in-casies was very much needed, just not for the reasons we expected.


MM super-duper appreciates your help and hashy flexibility in rolling with these changes. MM hates changes more than you do. MM has no control over this change.

If you planned your travel so tightly that you were always counting on running onto the boat after cabin check-in had closed and this hour is the difference between you getting on the boat or not, please EMAIL BABE and he’ll see if we can help. No promises, but you know we’ll try our best.

For everyone else, we ask that you adjust your Sunday morning and come to the port an hour earlier than you had planned. Check-in will now open at 10:00 am, one hour earlier than previously planned.

Maaaaaaaaan…it’s surely time for a drink somewhere…

Your IAH MisManagement Team