Important: Change of Date

To our most awesome Mis-Crew-ants,

So, no shit, there we were…enjoying our beers and sunshine…when an email came in from our cruise line informing IAH MisManagment that our cruise departure date had to be adjusted by one day.

We cracked another beer and took a look at what is said. In light of the change, BPCL was giving us two options to consider:

  1. Keep our original departure date and switch to another (less hash-appropriate) ship; or
  2. Move our departure date by one day to Sunday, October 13, 2019 (which now has us returning on the morning of Thursday, October 17).

We won’t lie: there was a little panic because – ugh – more changes! We sent emails, had conference calls, and discussed our options from every angle.

There weren’t a lot of positives to changing ships. We’d have to reassign cabins again, risk downgrading cabin types for some hashers, and reconsider where all the on-board activities were going to go since there isn’t as much deck space on the other ship on offer.

However, upon further research, MM discovered that switching to a Sunday departure presented us with several advantages:

  • Pre-lube events in Palm Beach can now be held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday.
  • Those flying in for the festivities can take advantage of cheaper airfare with a Saturday stay without having to spend two nights in a hotel.
  • Those with limited vacation time can fly back on Thursday, which means only four weekdays of time off instead of five.
  • Post-lube events could stretch over the long weekend allowing more time to enjoy Florida attractions and hashing.
  • And, as of right now, there are no other cruise ships scheduled in Nassau on Monday, October 14th (our first day of trails!) which is great for IAH. Nassau is a popular cruise ship port and usually you’ll have 2-5 ships docked at a time. Right now, we have the port, bars and visitor attractions to ourselves. AND, no other ship parked next to us with judgmental muggles looking down at our NLC necked deck on our first day in port.

So, after considering these details and assuming that few hashers — if any — have booked their travel as yet, MisManagement finished its beer and concluded that the best course of action would be to move the IAH start date by one day to Sunday, October 13th.

Please know that this was not a choice we made lightly. We took a good look at how this might impact folks and made what we think is a choice that actually benefits the event. However, if the date change affects you attending the event, please contact us at hashboat2019@gmail.com ASAP and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Otherwise, stay tuned for more information on pre & post-lubes (in the works as we speak) as well as IAH airline discounts, hash hotel info, an event outline, trail info, and other awesome details.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you on the other side of the stuffing.

IAH 2019 MisManagement