Calling all Hares!

Ahoy Shipmates!

I am Stupid is as Stupid Does from Southern Comfort H3 in Atlanta, GA, and as your Haremeister for the InterAm 2019 Hash Cruise, I want to welcome you on board this ship of fools!

My team and I are hard at work planning our on-shore shenanigans, and we are now ready to open up the hareline to feature your kennel’s pride and haring prowess. MM has a few trails already in the works (including an awesome ballbuster), and we’re working with our friends at Nassau H3 to nail down their favorite locations, drinking holes, shiggy spots, and local island haunts.

In following the spirit of past IAH trails, we will have two days in Nassau to host approximately 10 trails each day – depending on logistics. Using staggered start times throughout each day, we’re planning urban and shiggy trails, short-medium-long trails, looking at bar crawl ideas, and maybe even some beach time for those NLC-ers.

We have already received several requests to co-hare trails for this IAH (who wouldn’t want to go to the Bahama’s to scout?!), but now’s the time to make it official. If you are interested, please contact me at haremeister@iah2019.com with a rough idea of the kind of trail you’d like to get involved in, and we’ll go from there.

Remember: this is only for on-shore trails. Trails that are taking place on board (Beer Mile, deck crawls, etc.) fall under our Entertainment Committee. If you’re keen to get involved in any of that skulduggery, stand by for a message from our Party-Com lead.

OnOn to the most unique Interam yet!!!

IAH Haremeister