Boarding Passes & Check-in

Boarding pass information has been sent out. If you did not get this email, check your spam folders. If you still didn’t get it, please EMAIL US IMMEDIATELY with corrections. 

Include your Rego #, Cabin #, Hash Name, Legal Name, Birth Date, and Nationality. All changes must be received by EOD Friday, September 27.

If your boarding pass info is inaccurate, you will NOT be allowed to board the boat.

If your passport or travel document expires before 17 October 2019, you will NOT be allowed to board the boat.


  1. Immediately after entering the port terminal, you will give your suitcases to a porter for screening and then go through a security check of your person and carry-on bag.
  2. Once cleared, you will head upstairs where you will fill out a BPCL registration form.
  3. Take your form to the BPCL service desks where you will show your passport and credit card to the agent to check you in.
  4. They will issue you with a key card and a cabin card (on-board credit card). The first opens the door to your cabin. The second can be used to make purchases, including incidental charges to your cabin, like a hotel.
  5. Once you have checked in with BPCL, head to the green screen for an (optional) IAH photo op against our special IAH background for the event. You can purchase these from BPCL’s Photo Gallery store aboard the ship.
  6. You will go past the green screen to the wooden desk fronts to rego with our IAH Volunteers. With them, you will sign in, receive your gimmie bag and wrist band, and sign the IAH consent form.
  7. After the IAH Rego desks, you will pass a BPCL table in the hallway. Here you will have the option to purchase two additional upgrades: the Premium Beverage Package and the Specialty Dining Package. Your rego includes a full, unlimited food and beverage package. The upgrades offer high-end spirits and dining options, at an additional, minimal cost per day.

NOTES: IAH rego will be by LAST NAME not by cabin or rego number. All decks and cabins can check in at any time from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Shuttle busses from the hotel will start running at 11:00 am. You can also purchase food and beverage upgrades on the ship at the BPCL Customer Service desk in the lobby. BPCL will be collecting a fuel surcharge of no more that $10 per day (max. $40 total) directly from passengers. If the fuel surcharge is lower on the day of sailing, BPCL will use the lower price.


Each guest is permitted to bring two (2) pieces of complimentary standard luggage, not to exceed 50 pounds each. A $25-fee per bag will be charged to your on-board account for oversized luggage, overstuffed duffels, scuba gear, etc. A complete list of items and terms are HERE.


Guests are not permitted to bring any food, or alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages on board during embarkation. Food/beverages found in a guest’s possession will be confiscated. Food/beverages purchased on New Providence and/or Paradise Islands will be held safely for the duration of the cruise and will be returned during debarkation. If guests have concerns regarding dietary needs, please email us so that we can let catering know. BPCL has the right to refuse sale and/or service to any guest.