Deadline for Cabin Changes

You have one week left to make changes to your cabin.

This includes:

  • Transferring your cabin
  • Adding roommates to your cabin
  • Swapping roommates within your cabin
  • Updating your legal name

Come August 31st, all cabins will be locked into the system. To make a change to your cabin, go to the “Edit My Rego” page and use the form to make your edits.

Deadline is Friday, August 30, 2019.

Once regos have closed, the system will begin generating a Boarding Pass for each person on the boat.

We will email these to you and ask you to super-duper double-check the information on it against the information included in your passport and/or travel documents. ANY discrepancies will need to be emailed to us immediately.

Seriously, Guys: Travel Insurance.

MM can’t recommend insurance enough. If you need medical care in Nassau, or get left behind, or lose your luggage, or need to cancel for a legitimate reason, Travel Insurance could help recoup costs.

That’s all for now but you can expect to be hearing from us more frequently as our departure date approaches…

Your IAH MisManagement Team