Rego Transfers, Nudity, Consent, & More

Ahoy! This is your GM speaking. Time for some straight talk.

IAH 2019 is different in many ways, the biggest being that it’s on a cruise ship. This means we will have a few ship-specific rules, policies, and safety concerns, because on certain things we need to defer to BPCL. Kinda like hotel policies. Only floating. And hashily more hazardous.

Important to remember is that all of them are non-negotiable and in place to ensure everyone has fun while staying safe. Drunk people can fall off cruise ships, get left behind, or find trouble in LOTS of situations. Hashers are 10 times more effective at doing stupid shit than the average muggle so MM would prefer to err on the side of caution.

We will post all these details on the website too so if you lose this email, head there to ensure there are no misunderstandings or rumors that may confuse folks. As always, please take a look at the information below and feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

Transfer Deadline

A quick reminder that the deadline to make cabin transfers is this month, on Friday, August 30, 2019. This includes selling your cabin AND/OR adding roommates. To make a change to your cabin, go to the “Edit My Rego” page and use the form to make your edits.

Consider Travel Insurance

Like, we mean for realsies. Buying this insurance can help in a number of situations, like if you get stuck, need medical care in Nassau, get left behind, lose your luggage, etc.

Passport & Credit Card

If you get stuck in Nassau for any reason, you’ll need a passport to fly back to the US, and just like any hotel, BPCL will require a credit card when you check-in on Sunday at the port to cover any incidentals you may incur on the ship. So, be safe and bring both.

Mandatory Luggage Inspection

Your luggage WILL be inspected on Sunday at the port terminal.

Each guest is permitted 2 pieces of luggage, up to 50lbs each. And Alcohol, soda, and bottled water are not permitted during embarkation.

Guys, DO NOT bring items on board that BPCL doesn’t allow unless you want them confiscated: outside food or beverages, glitter, Malort, alcohol, pets, firearms, Malort, pocket knives, fireworks or other explosives, combustible substances, illegal drugs…did we mention Malort?

From the BPCL website: “Any such items shall be surrendered to security at embarkation and may be disposed of at the sole discretion of the cruise line. Beverages found in a guest’s possession will be confiscated.”

Beverages purchased in Nassau or in the ship’s duty-free liquor shop will be held safely for the duration of the cruise and will be returned during debarkation.

Midnight Curfew

This doesn’t mean you need to be in your cabins by midnight! It just means that you have to be back on-board the ship by midnight (where all the free booze is) as BPCL has set a curfew for all passengers while we stay in port overnight on Monday, October 14.

Hashers leaving the ship for trails or other activities on Monday (and Tuesday) will have their keycard scanned by a staffer as they leave, and scanned again as they re-enter so we know who is and isn’t with us.

The curfew is for YOUR safety so please respect it and be back to the ship on time.

Drink ALL The Liquids

This one’s a biggie, folks. Dehydration is a serious deal so please take advantage of the water being offered by cruise staff, sitting out on the bars, at meals, etc. And take some with you when you’re headed to trail or out to do fun tourist stuff.

Nekkid Deck

Alas, we are no longer the only ship in the Port of Nassau on Monday and Tuesday. As the taller boats offer a direct view of our Nekkid Deck, we’ll need bathing suits worn while in port by day to protect the muggle children, as well as you all from the videoing eyes of creepers.

Y’all are free to be free after the sun goes down, but this is BPCL’s call. Remember, they reserve the right to adjust our nudity level if we wind up being the only ship docked (yay!) or if hashers don’t follow the rules (not-yay). So for every nudie’s sake, please be respectful and follow the staff requests.

Respect. The. Staff.

Yes, it’s our party but don’t forget the cruise staff that will be working hard to ensure we have a great time. They will be friendly and treat you with respect. Please reciprocate. That said, don’t get TOO friendly. They have rules against fraternizing with guests with very real consequences. Please respect this.

Also keep in mind that serving 1,200 hashers is going to keep some crew members (such as bartenders) spinning. Base tips are included with your rego, but feel free to supplement tips to anyone who you feel has gone above and beyond in service.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with any crew member, please take your concerns to the customer service desk, or find a member of MM.

Keep in mind that this is an international crew from many different backgrounds and religions. What is not offensive to you may be very uncomfortable to them. Be cool.

Damages & Consent

Damages to the ship’s property, or complaints from the staff or fellow hashers, will be handled swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law if necessary. This ship has a brig and we ain’t afraid to use it. Nor will we have any issue ejecting someone from the event if needed.

Before hashers can grab their swag, you’ll be signing an IAH CONSENT AND RESPECT form to acknowledge these rules and policies. Basically, just be polite to people, respect boundaries, and everybody will have a great time!

Right, that’s all for now! Stand by for your next IAH installment!

As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team