Inside Cabin Upgrades

On the list of things you should know is that we have an Inside Cabin upgrade opportunity available, as well as plans to reopen registrations soon. Read on for more!

Inside Cabin Upgrades

Recently, we had several hashers who took the upgrade offer to move from an Inside cabin to an Oceanview cabin. That means a few inside cabins opened up that might be on a higher deck than yours, so we want to offer you a chance to move if you’d like to. Just to be clear: if you are currently in an Oceanview cabin, please don’t ask to move! You are already as high up as you can be. *Cue “The Jeffersons” theme song*

PLEASE NOTE: As before, we will be using original booking dates as the system by which to prioritize all upgrades. Also, we will only consider an upgrade if an upgrade request is submitted following the steps below. Meaning, we are not simply going to run down the list of rego’s offering upgrades to the next in line.


Since all reservations are going to be changed through Travel Leaders, our booking company extraordinaire, there are certain (very specific) steps that we need to follow to complete the process:

  1. Send an Email to hashboat2019@gmail.com with this EXACT subject line (cut and paste it to avoid typos): Inside Cabin Request for Res #____________
  2. Fill in the reservation number – NOT cabin number – that is on the TOP LINE of every confirmation statement you’ve received to date. It should be a number between 1 and 750, located right next to “Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line”. (Your cabin number starts with a letter and we cannot process your request with that number so please don’t get confused.)
  3. Indicate that you would like to request a higher deck.
  4. Ensure you have included both the hash name and nerd name of the cabin occupant/s in your email.
  5. Email your request to the address in 1) no later than midnight on Monday, September 24. MM will then sort, verify, and assign the cabins as available according to the process outlined above.
  6. If you put in a request for an Inside cabin on a higher deck but none higher than your current booking are available, your booking will remain unchanged.
  7. As all Inside cabins are priced the same, there is no charge to move to a higher deck; you’ll just need to buy MM a beer for their efforts. 🙂 Please note that, if you are currently on E deck, you are already on the highest passenger deck for an Inside cabin.

Please note that we CANNOT GUARANTEE THE LOCATION OF THE UPGRADES ON EACH DECK and will be assigning cabins based on availability and original booking date.

As such, please think twice about rolling the dice on a higher deck if you are happy with your current location and/or deck on board the ship. The move process is automated and we cannot accommodate requests for a specific location (ie near the bow or stern or next door to a friend).

Regos will open again on October 14!

That’s right! October 14 heralds in the one-year marker from this most auspicious event, and to celebrate we will be reopening registrations to sell off the last remaining cabins. Soon, we’ll be sending out an email and posting on Facebook with more information about the reopening but for now, SAVE THE DATE! Tell your friends. Tell your co-hares. Tell your mum. Tell that harriette you think is awesome but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to approach. Unless she’s your mum. Then that’s just weird. Basically, if you want someone one the boat, now’s a good time to give them a craniums up.

More soon…

Right, that’s all from us! As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team