Hab Sales, Drag Queens, & More

Ahoy everyone,

We hope your hearts and livers are in a committed training program, because IAH is only months away and they are going to be needed!

In this post, we will be covering:

IAH Hab Sales;
Auditions for Drag Queen Bingo;
Remembering Brother Hasher; and
IAH RA Selections

Please take a look at the information below and feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions.

IAH Haberdashers

Given the unusual 2019 IAH format, haberdashery sales will be managed a little differently this year onboard the ship.

You will be able to sell your hab at the event, of course, but please take a look at the guidelines below to help you plan your selling process and logistics.

SATURDAY, OCT 12: Haberdash sales will be open in a designated area at the hash hotel (hours TBD). The hotel has agreed to accept and hold packages free of charge.
SUNDAY, OCT 13: You will be responsible for getting your hab to the ship. We are in discussions with the cruise line regarding how best to do so and will update you in due course.
WEDNESDAY, OCT 16: A hab bazaar will be set up in a designated space onboard during our sea day. There will be many activities taking place that day, so hours will probably be limited – we want you to be able to participate in the activities, too! We are working on securing storage space onboard for inventory and will update you in due course.
NO PORT SALES: Officially, haberdash sales will not be allowed while we are in port in Nassau, to avoid having to pay Bahamas tax on these sales. As a result, there will not be a bazaar space available on the ship Sunday through Tuesday. That said, what you sell to your friends in your stateroom will not be monitored.
CASH RECOMMENDED: WiFi on the ship is slow and coverage is spotty, so we don’t suggest that you plan to use online payment gateways like Venmo, Square, etc. Cash will be king!

ONLINE PRE-SALES: Owing to the slow WiFi and the inability to sell in port, we would like to encourage you to look into pre-sales. Many of you already have an online presence, and the Hab Com will be happy to add your website to a special section of the IAH website dedicated to online sales. This will enable pre-sales with the option to either ship orders ahead of the event, or bring pre-ordered items for distribution onboard.

Email the Hab Com with any questions, or if you would like to be added to the IAH website.

Calling all Drag Queen B-I-N-G-HOs!

The IAH Activities Committee is looking for the fishiest betches aboard the seven seas to host a bawdy, rowdy Drag Queen Bingo during the cruise.
If this sounds like you, grab your wig, apply your make-up, and flaunt your skills in a two-minute video that showcases why you are the best queen to call BINGO. We need to see witty banter, great emcee skills, and the ability to ad-lib like a legend. And what would any tropical vacation be without some shade? Our Bingo Queen needs to be able to throw some around, along with a few burns that sunscreen won’t help.

Please send your videos to the Activities Committee by 5 May.

To Brother Hasher

We will be honoring the IAH tradition of remembering hashers who have joined Gispert at the final On-In.

Should you want to include someone in our memorial (who passed away after our last IAH in Fall 2017), please check to see if they are listed for inclusion.
If they have not yet been added, please use this link to send us their information, along with a photo that features them prominently.

IAH 2019 Guest RAs

We viewed the videos. We noted the endorsements. We re-viewed the videos. We cracked a beer. And we are pleased to announce that the guest RAs for 2019 IAH will be…

Sparerib (London H3/SNONAD H3) and Marilyn ManHoe (KWH3)!

Congratulations – and good luck!!
Right, that’s all for now! Stand by for your next IAH installment!

As always, you know where we are if you have questions.

Your IAH MisManagement Team